Our Curriculum

In math, we utilize Ready Classroom Mathematics for our Common Core State Standards aligned curriculum. Students will utilize two workbooks Ready Math Instruction and Ready Math Problems and Practice. This is complemented by an online program called iReady (more information below: iReady - Adaptive Learning). 
To learn more about Ready Math, go to: Ready Classroom Math
Advanced pathways are available based on student performance:
  • Integrated Math 8 (high school credit course)
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In science, students investigate phenomenon through hands on, inquiry-based instruction. Each student has a STEMscopes account that serves as the basis of the science curriculum, however, teachers utilize the STEMscopes materials within the span of larger, project-based learning units. 
To learn more about STEMscopes, go to: STEMscopes
Students can build on their science interests by enrolling in additional science electives. Next year, we will offer STEM and Outdoor & Garden Science
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English Language Arts
English Language Arts is paired with social studies to create a Humanities block period. Students develop as readers and writers through teacher-created units. We also utilize Ready Common Core Reading to help students learn grade level reading standards that carry across all content areas. Each student receives a workbook to support their learning, and this is complemented by an online program called iReady (more information below: iReady - Adaptive Learning). 
To learn more about Ready Common Core Reading, go to: Ready Reading
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Social Studies
Social Studies content is the basis for students' reading, writing, speaking, listening, and research in their Humanities block period. We utilize the History Alive! textbook from TCI, and each student also receives an online textbook account. The online textbook includes differentiated text levels, highlighting supports, and an interactive student notebook. The levels of study include: 6th grade - The Ancient World, 7th grade - The Medieval World and Beyond, and 8th grade - The United States Through Industrialism.
To learn more about TCI's History Alive!, go to: History Alive!
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All of our students receive access to an iReady log-in. This is a web-based program for both Reading and Math that students access iReady logoweekly using their school Google log-in information.
Students take a diagnostic test in August, December, and May to identify their learning progress and skill gaps. While classroom instruction is matched to grade-level standards, iReady is adaptive, providing students practice at their next level of need even if they are working below or above grade level. iReady lessons are often completed outside of the classroom, and we recommend students log at least 45 minutes of practice each week.
Learn more about iReady with these handouts: (English version) (Spanish version). Or, go to the i-Ready Family Center by clicking on this link: http://i-readycentral.com/familycenter/what-is-i-ready/
English 3D materials
At Seaside Middle School, we believe that every child should receive explicit academic language support in every classroom,every day. We utilize language goals in the planning process to intentionally integrate specific instruction for speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Additionally, we offer three levels of programming for designated English learners. Students' English language development is monitored throughout the school year, and students can test into the next intensive level of coursework mid-year. All English learners take the ELPAC each year, and we continue to monitor their progress for four years after redesignation.
Level 1: Newcomer Program; National Geographic
Level 2: Intensive English: Read 180
Level 3: Language Lab: English 3D