Eddie Standifer » Classified School Employee of the Year - 2016-17

Classified School Employee of the Year - 2016-17

Eddie Standifer, Campus Monitor, Seaside Middle School

Quiet. Unassuming. Yet mighty in presence. Twenty-four year MPUSD veteran Eddie Standifer has become an icon on the Seaside Middle School campus in just three short years. Prior to coming to SMS, he served students and staff at Los Arboles Middle School for 21 years. The biggest change Eddie has seen through the years is more emphasis on safety.

As campus monitor, he takes seriously the safety of 710 students and 50 staff members on the 6th, 7th and 8th grade sprawling campus. "Eddie can make it from one end of the campus to the other end of the campus in 60 seconds or less," quips Principal Manny Nunez. 
When asked what he loves about his job, Eddie says without hesitation," I love the kids! It's never boring!" He fully understands the impact of his role, and in fact is the eyes and ears of SMS. "I hear a lot of conversations and observe a lot of things," he adds. "I know my priority is to support teachers, staff and administration. We can't have a running school without support staff," he emphasizes. Eddie is so humble that he would not acknowledge that he embodies any one particular MPUSD value and in fact, he feels so strongly that it's not just him, but every person matters at Seaside Middle. 
Maybe that is why he is so well liked by staff, students and the community alike. The theme "it takes a village" is rampant on the Seaside campus. Clearly, Eddie has built a strong rapport with parents and knows the community well. Even more important, parents and the community know and respect him! "I've seen friends' children come through, and I've even had kids of former students on our campus," says Eddie. 
Relentless in terms of work ethic, Eddie is a "do-er" with a great attitude."He goes above and beyond to get the job done, and he has the best attitude with students," says Principal Nunez. "Eddie is kind, yet firm, and the consummate professional," says Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed, Associate Superintendent, Education Services. "Everyone respects him."
Make it a point this school year to visit Seaside Middle School and seek Eddie out because after all every person matters!