Seaside Middle School Students Succeed at Monterey County History Day Competition

Congratulations to Seaside Middle School students and staff for their success at the Monterey County History Day competition hosted by the Lyceum of Monterey County. 

Students participated their flex elective and worked throughout this year to complete and showcase their projects. They deserve huge recognition for their efforts for going above and beyond and placing at the competition.

This year, SMS has both county winners, who will advance to the state competition at Sacramento State University in April, and special award winners.

Winners include:

Carson Jernonimo
Napoleonic Wars, A Turning Point in French and American History • Individual Performance
*Special Award: Turning Points in History Award
*COUNTY WINNER! Advances to State Competition

Azaria (Quine) Lewis
Crispus Attucks: Major Minority in the American Revolution • Individual Podcast
*Special Awards: Individual in History Award, The National Society of Colonial Dames Award
*COUNTY WINNER! Advances to State Competition

Nataly Cruz Juarez
60 Seconds; The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki •  Individual Performance
*Special Awards: Military History Award
*COUNTY WINNER! Advances to State Competition

Makayla Breach
Chernobyl: Shedding Light on Government Negligence •  Individual Exhibit
*Special Award: Turning Points in History Award
*Runner Up/ Honorable Mention in the County Competition

Stephanie Tran
Helen Keller's Challenges: A Turning Point for the Deaf and Blind • Individual Exhibit
*Special Awards: Individual in History Award, Women in History Award

Alexa Cruz Hernandez
Elizabeth Blackwell: Breaking Barriers in American History • Individual Exhibit
*Special Awards: Individual in History Award, Women in History Award

Phoenix Gonzalez
The Past, Present, And Future Of Genghis Khan * Historical Paper
Phoenix submitted his Historical Paper to the state competition and is awaiting results

Congratulations to all students on their hard work, dedication, and participation. A special thank you to Caitlin Aleru for leading students and Natalie Constable for lending her expertise to help performance category students.

We also look forward to supporting the county winners as they revise their projects and head into the state competition in April 2024.