Seaside Middle scholars take on California History Day

Seaside Middle School participated in History Day California May 7 and May 8 at William Jessup University in Rocklin, California. The district and school are extremely proud of the 12 Eagle scholars who won the county competition last month to advance to the state finals.
These students spent countless hours after school and on Saturdays to research, collaborate, create and revise their projects. During the state competition, they had the opportunity to showcase their projects to a panel of judges. Two groups were selected from among the 700 county-level winners to the finalist heat to determine who would represent California at nationals. These students were among the top 15 presenters from across the state. Congrats extend to Sydney Kengne Tetsing, Sean Schow and Brandon Fonseca.
Thank you extends to chaperones Adam Swinney and Natalie Constable, as well as other SMS that supported the efforts, Christine Wheeler, Mariann D'Aquanno and Joyce Breckenridge. Many thanks to Caitlin Aleru for leading the students throughout the year.
The students and projects included:
Sean Schow & Brandon Fonseca 
Junior Group Documentary
Muhammad Ali’s Diplomacy During the Iraqi Hostage Crisis
Sydney Kengne Tetsing
Junior Individual Exhibit 
It’s Just Common Sense! The Pamphlet that Paved the Way for the American Revolution
Samantha Hitchcock, Jennifer Lopez, Gavin Wilcox & Jahaira Woods
Junior Group Exhibit
France and America’s Greatest Debate: The XYZ Affair
Tiffany Yanez & Edward Cruz Dorado
Junior Group Exhibit
Enemies to Allies: American and Japan During the Second World War Era
Kaihea Vi, Priya Nischal & Paola Gomez
Junior Group Performance
Female Diplomat: How Abigail Adams Championed Women's Rights