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Seaside Middle School: Grading

Standards-Mastery Grading


This year, the middle schools in MPUSD are using mastery grading to provide clearer feedback on how students are meeting grade-level standards. Instead of receiving a letter grade, all assignments are linked to important standards, and students earn a 4, 3, 2 or 1 to show how well they understand.

 Mastery-based Grading

- A 1 or a 2 doesn’t always mean the student isn’t participating, but it does mean that the student is working below grade-level and continued effort is needed to grow as a learner.
- Students may continue to retake assessments and redo assignments to earn a higher score.
- Every teacher has afternoon office hours to help your child with their learning.


Understanding Grades

Staying Informed


Assignments and feedback are noted in Google Classroom. Please ensure that your email is up to date with the Main Office. Google Classroom syncs with the email you have on file, and you can set up a guardian summary to track the assignments posted to each of your student's courses. *You will receive an email invitation to join "Guardian for Google Classroom from Lil Sis." When you accept this invitation, you will receive regular emails, and you can set up a daily or weekly summary. This is an example Google Classroom Guardian Summary:

Guardian SummaryStandards-mastery grading might look different than what you are used to. We believe that this approach is most equitable and provides helpful feedback to ensure that students are mastering the grade-level standards for each content area. If you or your child would like more support, please let us know!

How to get support


Additional Resources


Check out the video overview below to learn more about Seaside Middle School's shift to standards-mastery grading. *Please find a bilingual support video below.